Accreditation hat-trick for UNTHA UK

(25/03/2014) After months of preparation, industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA UK has achieved three highly-respected accreditations, in recog

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After months of preparation, industrial shredder manufacturer UNTHA UK has achieved three highly-respected accreditations, in recognition of its commitment to quality, environmental, and health and safety management.

The ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications were awarded following in-depth audits of the companys processes, culture, knowledge and operating performance. They evidence the very minimum standards that UNTHA UK will uphold on a daily basis, and provide a benchmark for continuous improvement moving forward.

Commenting on the news, UNTHA UKs managing director Chris Oldfield said: Our drive towards greater teamwork and efficiency began with our organisational restructure earlier in 2014. The business has grown by 500% in only two years, so it is important that we remain a close-knit and well organised team as we continue to expand. These latest ISO achievements complement the changes weve already started to make.

It can take companies up to two years to obtain these three standards, so for us to be successfully certified for all, in one go, is a fantastic accomplishment. It reflects the collaborative efforts of our team and shows our unswerving dedication to doing business properly.

ISO9001 evidences UNTHA UKs commitment to quality assurance throughout every area of the business product development and installation, service delivery and personnel progression, to name just a few.

The environmental standard ISO14001 requires UNTHA UK to continually reduce the level of resources consumed, and waste produced, year on year. This sustainability stance is particularly important given UNTHA UKs active role in recycling and the resource efficient economy.

Lastly the ISO18001 health and safety accreditation demonstrates the knowledge within UKs team and the number of procedures in place to protect all stakeholders and the environment, from the hazards inherent within the shredding sector.

Chris concludes: The entire ISO project has further pulled our team together, which will translate into additional benefits for our customers. Whats more, the hat-trick tells our clients, peers and prospects that well operate safely, effectively and efficiently, because these standards are in fact the very minimum level of compliance that we will commit to.

Rather than simply claim to be good at what we do, we now have the evidence.

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